Monday, February 24, 2014

NO PANORAMIC VISTAS HERE- Dear Karl Pilkington, An Idiot Abroad

Dear Karl,
               I have never written a fan letter before. I tend to hold celebrities to such low regards that writing a fan letter had never occurred to me. That is never occurred to me before I saw your show, Idiot Abroad. I will be brief as to who I am and what I am about. I freaking love to travel. I love to see trees that I have never seen before, taste food I have never tasted and meet people who are interesting and interested.

As much as I love to travel, I love to plan on traveling. I like to read books about my destination. I like to search websites and travel guides. I like to watch travel shows and videos. I almost enjoy the preparation as much as the trip.

On with it. My lovely spouse, Janet, and I decided, after some “House of Cards” fatigue on Netflix, to
watch your show from SKY TV.

                  After five minutes I knew this was truly the most important, perfect, greatest, travel show to ever air. I watched with awe at the brutal honesty with which you dissected China. Toilets or lack there of, the bug food people ate and everything in between. This made me think, I never want to travel anywhere that I am not able to see your take on it first. I bet the tourism sites all present the Great Pyramids without the trash blowing by and no hotel that I know of has ever bragged about guests pooping in a hole in the closet as a benefit to staying there. These are not the only reason this is such a monumental, epic travel show, no, no, no, that was revealed when you made it to the Great Wall of China only to find they needed bears to entertain people because the wall was so dull. Oh my God! Let me count the dollars we have spent on this type of nonsense. The Titanic in the Mountains of Tennessee, really?  Whale barfing in Maine, Sea Lion Cave in Oregon when they are visible for free, just to name a few.

                  I hope what is coming through my feeble attempt at my first fan letter is that you have keen senses, impeccable ability to state the obvious and the wherewithal to cut through the crap and see what the reality  is but most importantly the ability to share it with us.

Dan McCoig AKA DanTraveling
North Carolina, USA

*Your show is so perfect that I can not stop watching it.  You are always welcome in the southeastern USA should you come we would be happy to show you around. 

An Idiot Abroad is a British travel documentary television series broadcast on Sky1, as well as spin-off books published by Canongate Books,[1]created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and starring Karl Pilkington.[2] The ongoing theme of both the television series and the books is that Pilkington has no interest in global travel, so Merchant and Gervais make him travel while they stay in the United Kingdom and monitor his progress
Credits - An Idiot Abroad
Executiveproducer(s)Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Richard Yee
Krishnendu Majumdar
Dan Goldsack
Producer(s)Richard Yee
Krishnendu Majumdar
Luke Campbell

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